Our projects

Bergskraft 11•13
Sustainable growth in Bergslagen in
Mining and related environmental work
- Mining
- Environmental work (BrMiljö)
- Bergslag Regional Development, Strategy and Activity Plans (BUSA)
- Women's network (BQ)
MiNaLösningar A continuation of an existing school project that aims to increase interest in science subjects in the region. Project reports will appear regularly in a blog.
HögLösningar HögLösningar is a project where students at the high school doing research on the local environmental problems associated with the Kvarntorpshögen waste heap in Kumla municipality.
Research Station Kvarntorp Large-scale experiment to investigate the Kvarntorpshögen waste heap in Kumla municipality. What does it contain, and what will its long-term environmental impact be?
SlaggBerg A larger follow-up project to the completed preliminary study "Nya metoder för att återställa deponier" (New methods for restoring waste deposits). The goal of the project is to increase metal recovery by exploiting new technologies and work methods.

The project will build a regional and international network of universities, research bodies and the SMEs working to extract raw materials from mining operations in the Baltic Sea region.



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