Following completion of the preliminary study ”Nya metoder för att återställa deponier” (New methods for restoring waste deposits), a larger follow-up project is now in progress (2011-2013) under the auspices of Bergskraft Bergslagen Ekonomisk Förening.

Bergslagen has a large number of waste deposits from historic steelmaking and metal production. These are potential environmental hazards and prevent the land from being built on or used for other purposes. The same applies to other areas of the world that have had steelmaking and metal production.

Work to exploit the metal residues from old waste deposits is already taking place in many locations. However, the yields of metals are generally low. Operations are also limited because they risk increasing the leaching of heavy metals and other pollutants to the environs.

SlaggBerg's objective is to increase the yield of metals by applying techniques and work methods not currently used in this context.

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Contacts Slaggberg:
Stefan Sädbom
Mobile: +46 (0)70- 273 27 87
Ulf Holmberg, project leader
Mattias Bäckström
Mobile: +46 (0)72-721 57 02



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