Min-Novation is a project with 12 partners from six Baltic Sea countries in the EU-financed Baltic Sea Region Programme: Poland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Finland The project's lead partner is AGH University of Science & Technology in Cracow, Poland.

Europe's largest producers of metals, minerals and mineral-based products are currently situated around the Baltic Sea. Of the metals produced in the EU27 area, 69% of all copper, 60% of all lead, 42% of all zinc, 91% of all iron, 53% of all gold and 91% of all silver are produced in the three countries of Sweden, Poland and Finland.

The old, historic mine waste deposits are a hidden raw material resource, but at the same time constitute a major environmental problem because the large quantities of metals in the deposits leach out and create major local and regional environmental problems. The technical and economic feasibilities of better extracting these raw materials have improved over time.
Today, there is growth potential for SMEs who extract raw materials from waste deposits while reducing their future environmental impact.

The Min-Novation project will build a regional and international network of universities, research bodies and SMEs who are involved in this extraction of raw materials from mining operations in the Baltic Sea region.

The companies in the network will be offered the opportunity and technical/scientific help to use the new technology to achieve better raw material utilisation, improved profitability and a better environmental outcome.

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