(Environment/Nature Solutions)

MiNaLösningar is a school project that started up under the auspices of BKBEF with financing from LEADER Bergslagen.

The project is a continuation of a previous school project that was run within the framework of Lotta Sartz's dissertation.

The project aims to increase interest in science subjects in regions where there is less of a tradition of higher education.

The project targets secondary school students, and the idea is to get them involved in researching solutions to local environmental problems.

Experiments are set up with relatively simple means in or near the school, and the students assist both with setting up experiments and then conducting the weekly sampling.

The results are compiled in a laboratory report, and a competition for the best laboratory report is held at the end of each term.

The project has a blog (in Swedish) where you can track progress and see pictures >> http://bergskraft.blogg.se/

Lotta Sartz
Mobile: +46 (0)72-721 57 01


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