HögLösningar (Waste Heap Solutions) is a project in which secondary school students research local environmental problems associated with the Kvarntorpshögen waste heap in Kumla.

Background to the project's concept:
- As owner of Kvarntorpshögen, Kumla Municipality has a great interest in the waste heap's possible environmental impact. The waste heap is currently burning. Water evaporates and leachate is not formed in large quantities. Within approximately 50-100 years, however, the waste heap will cool. What happens to the leachate then?

- Interest in science subjects, especially chemistry and mathematics, is falling among the country's young people. The project aims to increase interest in these subjects in regions where there is less of a tradition of seeking higher education.

Research that will be conducted by secondary school students will maintain a high scientific standard and be able to be presented at international conferences.

"Forskningsstation Kvarntorp" (Kvarntorp Research Station), premises designed for large-scale environmental chemical tests, is sited at the foot of Kvarntorpshögen at Kvarntorp's industrial area. The premises are adjacent to Naturskolan (the Nature School) in Kumla. The HögLösningar project will be able to supplement Naturskolan by offering young people experimental and analysis-focused activities in the sciences.

1. Materials from Kvarntorpshögen and any mine waste with secondary deposits are put in containers (50 L) and leached with different volumes of water at different intervals.
2. Shale from Kvarntorpshögen is leached with leachant at different temperatures.

The project has a blog (in Swedish) where you can track progress and see pictures >> http://hoglosningar.blogg.se

Lotta Sartz
Mobile: +46 (0)72-721 57 01


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