About Bergskraft 1113
Bergslagen – defined by its raw materials
Bergslagen as a historic, economic and socially defined region arose as a direct result of the rich supply of minerals and metals. These mineral raw materials have underpinned the region's social development since the Viking Age, although their significance has waned since the 1950s.

Objective of Bergskraft 11•13
Bergslagen is one of the richest regions in Europe with regard to minerals and metals. However, only a small number of businesses are exploiting these resources. The objective of the Bergskraft 11•13 project is that these resources be exploited more fully for growth and hence provide new employment opportunities:

- Directly related to extraction (in mines and quarries)
- In the primary refining of raw materials (enrichment, foundries and refining)
- In the post-treatment of contaminated mining and industrial land
- In related industrial production (machinery and equipment for the industry)
- In associated activities, such as maintenance, transport and services

Initiative areas
Bergskraft 11•13 will be active in three collaborative initiatives:
- Mining
- Mining-related Environmental Work (BrMiljö)
- Bergslagen's Development, Strategy and Activity Plans (BUSA)

You can read more about the initiative areas under the tabs in the menu.


Stefan Sädbom,
Project Manager
Phone: +46 (0)580- 805 03
Mobile: +46 (0)70- 273 27 87
Inger Sundblad,
Project Economist
Phone: +46 (0)580-804 93
Gunilla Pöchhacker,
Project Administrator
Phone: +46 (0)580-805 14
Mobile: +46 (0)70- 571 08 92



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