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History of Bergskraft

Mining operations have been conducted in in Sweden for over a thousand years and was hundreds of years ago one of Bergslagen´s largest sources of income. In the postwar period the mining industry decreased dramatically. Of the more than 10 500 known mines only a few remained in production in the late 1900s.

However, due to the increasing global demand for metals the conditions for mining in recent years has drastically changed. As a result of these positive developments, Bergslagen got new attention.

In 2003 Ljusnarsberg municipality sowed the first seeds for what later became projects Bergskraft (2005-2007) and Bergskraft Bergslagen (2008-2010), two joint projects in which a number of minucipalities, organizations and businesses joined together to reviving the mining industry in Bergslagen.

In January 2011 the three-year project Bergskraft 11.13 started, a take-off from the solid platform that had been built up over previous project periods, with a focus on regional growth and creation of jobs.

Today Bergskraft activities are organized in Bergskraft Bergslagen Economic Association, owner of the two companies: Bergskraft Bergslagen AB and Bergskraft Service AB.


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